Toofeze Teether

$ 19.99

What Makes the Toofeze Teether So COOL?

Toofeze® is a functional, durable, and all-natural alternative to traditional teething rings and toys. Its three distinct chewing surfaces allow babies to self-manage their changing teething needs.The food grade ingredients are hypoallergenic and intentionally selected to meet the high standards of today’s health- and eco-conscious consumers.

Therapeutic – The cool stainless steel disk clinically reduces painful teething symptoms caused by swelling and inflammation – a tried and true remedy for teething pain.

Convenient - Chills instantly in cold water. Perfect for out and about when a fridge isn’t handy. No need to freeze your teether – or your baby’s fingers!

Ergonomic - Our soft silicone handle and stationary design make it easy for babies to control, and aids in early motor skills development.

Sanitary - Toofeze is easily cleaned with soap and water or antibacterial wipes, and is durable enough to be boiled or run through the dishwasher as often as you like!

Create your own lasting keepsake by taking your Toofeze®  teether to a local rotary engraver to have the stainless steel disk personalized.

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