Tasty Clean

  • $ 10.00

Tasty Clean was born out of necessity when a mother and her son found themselves in a situation (okay…a full blown tantrum) with no solution. One ill-fated, fallen sucker in a public place provided Mommy with that light bulb moment. If only there were a safe and all-natural product that I could simply spray onto the now germ infested sucker so that I could give it back to my (inconsolable) son. Well friends, now there is such a product – Tasty Clean!

Made with truly all-natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, Tasty Clean is a flavored cleansing spray that helps you out when you’re on the go. It fits easily into your pocket or bag as a portable spray meant for those “uh-oh” moments in life. This unique formula is completely safe to ingest and contains no harsh chemicals, dyes, surfactants or sugar. Tasty Clean boasts a clinically tested formula that was proven to kill 99.9% of common germs and bacteria.

Tasty Clean is perfect for safely disinfecting a wide variety of everyday items including pacifiers, bottles, toys, nasty retainers, mouth-guards used in sports, dirty utensils, musical instruments, hands, and pretty much anything your family puts in their mouths.


8ml Pen Cap spray bottle in (insert grape or cherry) flavor. Each bottle comes with a reusable microfiber wipe keychain.


Clean Kit includes 150ml refill bottle, 8ml Pen Cap spray bottle, and a microfiber wipe keychain.