Super Undies Pull On Potty Training Pants

  • $ 14.96
  • Save $ 4.99

Can be pulled up or down by any hero, and snaps off in the event your hero begins leaking kryptonite
•Can be used multiple times between washes
•Saves lots of green over disposables
•Saves trees
•Looks not only like underwear, but really cool super hero kind!
•Can stand the rigors of… dun dun dun… NAPTIME!
•Fits nice and trim Has an outstandingly neat appearance
•Can hold multiple inserts for longer car trips or nighttime
•Fits most toddlers 20-35 lbs
•Inserts sold separately

Dude! This thing is like a super weapon ready to defeat the villainous disposable butt-mop union single-handedly!
But it’s tough enough, and gentle enough, to make your little super hero feel wet and potty train faster.