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Help your child develop sensory motor skills early on.

The philosophy behind the design of Calmies™ is simple yet strategic. There are three unique feels spread across the eight vines on the teether. The variation in texture and pattern allow the baby to identify each strand and it’s relative location to one’s around it. The sensation will be felt both in their mouth and hands providing a soothing and calming feeling for their different teething stages.

Developed with your baby’s health in mind

We developed Calmies for our two young daughters.  We imagined a toy that stimulated our children’s senses, helped early motor skill development, and provided an outlet during teething.  

Calmies was born out of inspiration to create a safe and natural toy.  It was essential that we used all natural rubber, ‘hevea brasillensi’, for the health of our children.  We avoided dyes, colors, and heavy manufacturing processes.  We created a teething toy that is 100% natural and has efficacy for supporting developing young minds.  

Developed by a Mother
& Clinical Psychologist


Fun & Functional

It's easy for Infants to Grasp and helps with sensory motor skills. Each vine of the teether has a unique pattern including a smooth, dotted, and twisted spiral; each providing a unique sensation for the baby depending on the teething stage.

Safe & Natural

100% All Natural Rubber Teether. Certified ASTM with No BPA, No PVC, No Parabens, and No Phthalates,

Environmentally Sustainable

Calmies™ Teethers are manufactured with environmentally safe materials and processes. Each teether is also hand inspected and packaged in the USA.