Baby Bits Wipes Solution

  • $ 11.00

Baby Bits™ are a convenient and economical way to make your own natural wipes solution. All you have to do is add water. It's that simple. Specifically, Baby Bits™ are small (baby) pieces (bits) of handmade soap used to create an all natural wipes solution that is designed to clean sensitive skin.

Baby Bits™ wipes solution is a versatile cleansing solution that is convenient and easy to use.
Use daily:

  • at each diaper change
  • to wipe sticky fingers, face and hands
  • to freshen up on the go -- just spray directly on your face
  • to clean skin on camping trips, day outings, BBQs and picnics
  • to soak in the tub -- just dissolve one (1) Baby Bit cube in your bath water to create a mild, good-smelling cleanser

    Starter Kit Includes:

    • 1 Box of Baby Bits™
    • 1 Baby Bits™ Spray Bottle (made from recycled materials)
    • 4 OsoCozy® Organic Flannel Wipes

    Refill Includes:
    • 40+ Baby Bits™ cubes.
    • That's enough cleansing solution to wet 1,000 re-usable wipes.

     Trial Pack Includes:
    • 1 Baby Bits™ spray bottle (made from recycled materials)
    • 1 Trial-size pack of Baby Bits™ (3 cubes/pack)