Wrapsody Bali Hybrid

  • $ 99.00

Are silky and soft right out of the package like a t-shirt. Many of our customers prefer stretch wraps for newborns – there’s something about putting newborns in stretchy clothes and blankets that just feels right to us. Although these wraps are slightly heavier weight than the Breeze wraps, they are still very lightweight and comfortable- even in hot weather. The tapered ends cause the fabric to seem to “melt away” when you are wrapping the ends around your waist.

Some beginners prefer Hybrid wraps because their stretch makes them so forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs. The Hybrid wraps are also nice when performing reaching tasks because of the way the wrap moves with the body like a t-shirt. Stretch wraps may seem more comforting to a sick child because of the way the fabric “hugs” the body (although Breeze wraps do dry more quickly if the illness is one that requires frequent washing). The Wrapsody family grabs our Hybrid wraps for long-term carrying of larger children (only carry large children if you are both comfortable with it – as with any other lifting task, your muscles need to be up for the job to avoid injury). It’s also our first choice wrap for back carrying around here – personal preference. The Wrapsody daddy also chooses our Stretch-Hybrid over the Breeze — he loves its “T-shirtness.”