Changeable Chewable

  • $ 28.00

Changeable Chewables offers amazing and fashionable necklace/bracelet combination products that also serve as a texture/teething accessory, which is a great, non-invasive tool for children with mouth sensory sensitivity, like many on the Autism Spectrum.






 Changeable Chewables is a great tool for little ones teething too! This product helps to comfort your child when they have pain due to teething.

Changeable Chewables necklaces come in a variety of appealing and fashionable colors and can be interchanged, and converted from one necklace to a smaller necklace and a bracelet! The necklace beads offer sensory friendly textures to help with sensory development. They also come with an attachment to attach the necklace to items like a stroller, grocery carts, pacifiers, wheel chairs or anywhere you can think of.

The product incorporates two breakaway clasps that release when pressure is applied to keep the necklace from breaking and for safety. It is BPA free, non-toxic and made of food grade silicone. It is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.